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A quick look at the Profile section of your Client area

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Your Profile is the section where your personal information is gathered.

From here, you can view or change certain things related to your registered details or notification settings.
You can also see reminders of any pending verifications you need for your Account.

To access your Profile, visit our website and sign in to your account, click Profile from the side menu, and select Profile again from the dropdown menu.

From your Profile, you can see:

  • Your First and Last name.

  • Your Client ID.

  • Your Country of residence.

You can also see and directly modify:

*After changing your email or phone number, you will have to verify the changes by providing the unique pin sent to your email.

From here, you can also enable or disable Two-factor Authentication.

Additionally, you will have shortcuts at the top of the page to open a Demo or Live account and Deposit Funds into your Trading account.

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