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Do I need to download a trading platform?
Do I need to download a trading platform?

Introducing the Web Terminal, our download-free trading platform

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So, your registration is complete, and it's time for you to begin your online trading. But something's still missing: you don't have your trading platform set up yet.

Even though downloading the MT5 directly to your device (handheld or PC) seems to be the ideal solution, it is not the only option.

Introducing the WebTerminal, our download-free trading platform, which you can access at any time through our website.

The WebTerminal provides our clients with everything they need for their trades, including indicators, charts, one-click trading, and much more, without having to download anything on their devices.

To access the WebTerminal directly, visit our website, hover your mouse over Services and click on WebTerminal from the pop-up menu. Or, you can click here.


You can use the WebTerminal as a standalone platform or in conjunction with the MT5. That way, you can jump into the markets anytime, even if the MT5 is unavailable to you.

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