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Differences between Live and Demo accounts
Differences between Live and Demo accounts

How does a Demo account compare to a Live account?

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If you are new to the online markets, you may wonder what the differences between a Live and Demo account are.

The short answer is that a Demo account is a virtual account, while a Live account (often called a Real account) is a real trading account.

The purpose of a Live account is to give you access to the online markets through a trading platform and allow you to trade on various assets, where you can make profits from the changes in their value.

This is the real deal, the reason why you signed up to become a trader in the first place.

  • The money you trade with is real and comes from the funds you deposit into your account.

  • The potential losses or profits are also real.

  • You can physically withdraw your profits through your Client area.

  • As with any investment, there is a risk involved.

The purpose of the Demo account is to provide you with a risk-free environment where you can practice your trades, familiarize yourself with trading tools and instruments, and help you develop strategies that fit your trading style.

This is your practice area, where you can hone your skills as a trader.

Amega's Demo account offers the exact same quotes, spreads, execution, and swaps as the Live account. This means your experience on the Demo will be as realistic as possible without using real funds.

  • The funds you trade with are virtual. They do not exist in reality.

  • The potential losses or profits are also virtual.

  • You cannot withdraw any profits as the money does not physically exist.

  • There is no risk involved since the funds are not real.

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💡 Tip

Please take advantage of our Demo account.

It is designed to be an exact reflection of the Live account. This means you can apply the same strategies and knowledge to the Live markets and get the same results!

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