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A quick look at Amega's powerful WebTerminal.

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In today's fast-paced world, it would seem an almost impossible task to keep up with both our busy lives and the online markets.

Luckily, technology has afforded us options to ensure that we can take advantage of market opportunities wherever we are.

Though having a powerful platform such as the MT5 on your device may be considered an advantage, there are instances where we may find ourselves without our trusty laptop on hand or the app installed on our phone.

Luckily, with Amega's WebTerminal, you only need an internet connection.

Picture, for example, a scenario where you are sitting at a coffee shop, enjoying your daily dose of caffeine.

Suddenly, on television, the president of the United States announces that a huge new business deal has been made with another country. This is massive news for the USD!

But alas, your MT5 is only installed on your computer, and your computer is sitting on your desk at home. Should you miss out on trading on the opportunity to trade on this massively volatile event?

This is where the WebTerminal comes in. You pull out your phone or tablet, log in to the WebTerminal and place your trade from there in only a few seconds.

Once you get home, you can always turn on your laptop and log in to your MT5 to check on your trade, as the data is synced between both platforms.

The WebTerminal does not require any download or installment. It is easily accessible through our website and offers all the fantastic features you need to perform your analysis or place a trade at a moment's notice!

To access the WebTerminal:

  1. Go to our website.

  2. Hover your mouse over Services.

  3. Click on WebTerminal.

  4. Log in to your trading account.


  • You can use the WebTerminal as a standalone platform, or even better, in conjunction with the MT5

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