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Dormant fee / Inactive accounts
Dormant fee / Inactive accounts

A short explanation of inactivity fees.

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A dormant fee (also known as an inactivity fee) is a fee for accounts that remain inactive (no trades) for a specific time period.

While the amount of the fee and the period of time vary from broker to broker, here at Amega, we try to keep it as low as possible and within logical limits.

The goal is to incentivize our clients to avoid leaving dormant Live accounts, as they can overbear the servers and become expensive to maintain when inactive.

It may be worth mentioning that though the policy is officially in place, we are usually lenient regarding its implementation.

Our dormant fee is set as follows:

An initial fee of 5 USD is charged for any Live account that has been inactive (no trading activity) for 180 days.

From then on, a further 5 USD is deducted for every period of 30 days that the Live account remains inactive.


If you plan on taking an extended break from trading, we recommend you withdraw your funds completely to avoid the dormant fee.

You can always redeposit whenever you are ready to resume your trading activities!

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