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What type of charts can the MT5 display?

A short description of the charts available to view on the MT5

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There are three types of charts that the MT5 platform can display: a Line chart (Broken Line), a Bar chart (Sequence of Bars), or a Candlesticks chart (Japanese Candlesticks)

Line Chart

A line chart, also known as a Broken Line chart, consists of a simple line connecting all the close prices. It provides the least information of all chart types.

Bar Chart

A bar chart, also known as a Sequence of Bars chart, provides information on the Open, High, Low, and Close prices for every period. This is important for examining historical data on an asset.

Each bar can be read as seen below:

Candlesticks chart

Candlesticks, also known as Japanese Candlesticks, are the most popular choice for most traders. They display the same information as the Sequence of Bars chart, but the info is presented in a perhaps more user-friendly way.

An individual candlestick can be read as below:

To switch between charts, all you have to do is right-click on your trade window, and select between the three types. Alternatively, you can click on the Charts tab and select from the dropdown menu.

💡 Tip

Charts on MT5 are fully customizable. you can select between preset schemes, or change the colors of your charts manually. Simply right-click on your trade window, select Properties, and click on the Colors tab.

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