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What does the Trade Disabled error mean?

A brief explanation of the Trade Disabled error notification

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It is possible that you may receive a Trade Disabled error at some point in your trading career.

here are many reasons why this error may appear, but don't worry; none of them are irreparable.

The two most likely instances of this error could refer to:

  • Trading has been disabled for a particular asset.

    You may be trying to trade an asset outside of its trading session timeframe. In these cases, you will receive the Trade disabled error, which simply means you must wait until the market is open.

  • Trading has been disabled for your account

    If trading has been disabled for your account, it could mean that you need to complete your account verification.

If for any reason you receive the Trade Disabled error for a reason not listed in this article, you can always contact us for help. Our support agents are ready to sort it out for you as soon as possible!

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