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The Cost Per Action (CPA) Partnership Program
The Cost Per Action (CPA) Partnership Program

An introduction to our CPA Affiliate program

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Looking for extra income? We got you covered!

Have you ever thought of becoming a partner to a major investment firm such as Amega?

With our new CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate program, you can do just that and take a share of the profits by making money for every active client you bring on board!

Our generous partnership program offers a commission of up to 600 USD for every client under your referral who completes the required volume of trades within 30 days!

The best news is that we will provide you with your own personal hub to keep track of your referrals and their activity, as well as loads of marketing material to help you reach more people!

How does the CPA program work?

  1. The client registers using your referral link. He is automatically added to your IB hub.

  2. The client makes a First Time Deposit (FTD) and begins trading.

  3. The client completes the required volume of trades within 30 calendar days

  4. You receive your commission in your IB wallet!

The Requirements and respective payouts are listed in the table below:

If the client’s first-time deposit (FTD) amount is between:

The client must complete a minimum volume of:

So the IB can earn a commission of:

250 – 500 USD

4 lot

150 USD

501 – 1000 USD

5 lot

300 USD

1001+ USD

10 lot

600 USD

The CPA partnership program is open to anyone, as long as you have registered and fully verified your account with Amega. You are not required to be an active trader in order to be a partner.

Even if you decide that the markets are not for you, you can still benefit from the CPA program and make money while helping others find the right broker for them.

Find out more about the Partnership Program here.

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