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Everything you need to know about the Amega Bonus scheme

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The Amega Bonus is a brand-new initiative, designed to provide our clients with a monetary advantage on their trades, by offering a deposit bonus of up to 150% to their deposits.

To acquire the Amega Bonus, you simply have to register with a bonus account on Amega. After each deposit, you will receive an extra percentage (up to 150%) as a deposit bonus, based on the amount you invested.

Key rules for the Amega Bonus initiative:

  • Participating accounts must be fully verified.

  • The bonus is designed to allow clients to open larger positions and maximize their potential. For this reason it can be used to trade but cannot be withdrawn.

  • Any profits accumulated by trading with the bonus are fully withdrawable.

  • The amount of bonus received depends on the amount of the deposit.
    150% bonus if the deposit is 500+ USD (maximum 9000 USD)

    100% bonus if the deposit is between 100-499 USD

    50% bonus if the deposit is between 20-99 USD

  • Loyalty Cashback Program still applies (except for Raw account)

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