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How do I open a Live trading account?
How do I open a Live trading account?

A brief tutorial on creating your first Live trading account with Amega.

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The time has finally come! Your registration has been completed, your account is fully verified, and now you are ready to open your first Live trading account with Amega!

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Visit our website and sign in to your account

  2. On your side menu, click on Accounts and then click on Open Live Account from the dropdown menu or from the Dashboard.

  3. Choose your Live account (Standard, Raw, Islamic or Bonus)

  4. Select your preferred Leverage and then click Continue

  5. Review your selections, and confirm by pressing Continue

Your Live trading account is now created!

Once you have funded your account, there is nothing stopping you from beginning your trading journey. We at Amega wish you the best of luck with your trades!

💡 Tip

Make sure to practice on the Demo account before going Live.

We want to see you succeed, and preparation is the key to success!

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