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How can I see my Cashback balance?
How can I see my Cashback balance?

How to access your cashback wallet from your Client area

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So, the time has finally come to check on the money you've made through our Loyalty Cashback Program. Perhaps, you are looking to make a withdrawal or maybe add it to your trading account.

To make keeping track of your Loyalty Program rewards easier, we have added a personal Cashback wallet as well as a Cashback breakdown to your Client area. To access these useful features, follow these steps:

  1. Go to our website and log in to your account.

  2. On your left-hand side dashboard menu, under the cashback menu, you will see the two options: Cashback Wallet and Cashback Breakdown.

  3. Click on Cashback Wallet to see your available balance, or to make a transfer to your Live trading account, or click on Cashback Breakdown to view a statement of your cashback account.

The Loyalty Cashback Program is our way of giving back to our clients.

You still haven't started taking advantage of it yet? What are you waiting for?

The sooner you start trading, the sooner you can begin accumulating rewards, and the more you trade, the more money you will get as cashback!

💡 Tip

Make sure to check on your cashback balance often. Remember, you receive 1 USD for every traded lot and a percentage of that amount for every fraction of a lot, regardless of the trade's outcome, so the money will start accumulating faster than you might think!

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