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Fractional Shares

A relatively new development in online stock trading that offers more opportunities!

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What are Fractional Shares and what is their advantage

Fractional Shares are portions of full company stocks (for example half a share of Amazon.)

Their main advantage is that they make it possible to perform stock trading online, for a more affordable price.

So if you ever wanted to trade shares online but did not have enough equity to do so, with fractional shares you can now make that wish a reality!

Advantages of Fractional Stocks:

  • Size of investment: With Fractional Shares you can trade with smaller sums, especially if you are a beginner or looking to test strategies in stock trading, allowing you to build an equity portfolio with a relatively small amount of money.

  • Diversification: Due to the relatively lower cost of Fractional shares, you can diversify your portfolio across different companies and sectors. or across a broader range of instruments. And as we know, diversification is one of the keys to success!

What Leverage is available for Fractional Shares Trading?

Fractional Shares can be traded with a comfortable fixed leverage of 1:100

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