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I think my account has been hacked, what should I do?
I think my account has been hacked, what should I do?

Steps to follow if you suspect someone has hacked your account.

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Here at Amega, we provide the highest levels of security for all our client accounts.

However unlikely, if you think your account has been hacked, please make sure to follow these recommendations:

  • Change your password immediately.
    For instructions about changing your Profile password, click here.

  • Contact us as soon as possible to let us know why you think your account was hacked.

  • An antivirus scan may help clear out any malicious software used to hack into your computer.

As a general practice, it's good to avoid opening emails from unknown sources or clicking on links you do not trust.

💡 Tip

You can help prevent privacy issues with your account, by creating a strong password, enabling notifications and push notifications, and activating Two-factor authentication.

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